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Messi in risk, the huge problem Beckham’s Inter Miami faces in the MSL

The Manchester United legend’s project could suffer an important downgrade

By Mario Perez

Beckham faces a great crisis at Inter Miami that could have been caused by the signing of Messi
Beckham faces a great crisis at Inter Miami that could have been caused by the signing of Messi
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Manchester United former winger David Beckham could suffer a horrible disgrace in a top and successful business that has put the Englishman back in the Global football universe as an icon of wealth and effectiveness in the global market.

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The Englishman, currently co-owner of Inter Miami, enjoys the luxury and the popularity of leading one of the most remarkable projects in football nowadays, having signed Lionel Messi as the top player of the institution, which has even achieved the arrival of several top former teammates of the Argentine icon, such as Luis Suárez, Sergio Busquets or Jordi Alba.

However, according to a report made by the English football site The Athletic, Inter Milan could suffer a huge economic downgrade in the next few weeks, given that the Florida-based club could be soon accused of breaching the rules of the MLS.

Following these sources, Beckham's club could suffer a huge economic impact after the luxury signings of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, as the Manchester United icon, currently risking a sanction from MLS, would have already started talks to find a solution.

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What happened to Inter Miami?

According to this information, Inter Miami could be accused of breaching the MLS Fair Play Regulations, as they would be required to relocate some of their players to register the salaries of Lionel Messi ($12 million per year), Luis Suarez ($7 million), Sergio Busquets ($1.5 million) and Jordi Alba ($1 million). At the moment, players like Andre Yedlin, Sergii Kryvstov, Gregore, Jean Mota, and Robert Taylor have been set as transferable and Beckham will negotiate for them in the next few weeks.

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