Grudging?, Laporta's unbelievable reaction to Messi's arrival at Beckham's Inter

By Liam Styles

Grudging?, Laporta's unbelievable reaction to Messi's arrival at Beckham's Inter

Despite their affection for him for the titles they have given him, the Spanish side have already had their say on the signing of the year.

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Lionel Messi breaks the summer market and signs for David Beckham's Inter Miami. With a contract worth 150 million euros, the player is securing many situations in his professional and personal life. As well as an opening for new business in merchandising and fashion.

The new owners of the American club are going to spare no expense to build a very powerful and feared team for the Argentine. There are already names like Luis Suarez and Sergio Busquets to accompany the world champion and relive his time at FC Barcelona.

Speaking of the situation, there are many fans who are angry with the attitude of the former Ballon d'Or winner and three-time UEFA Champions League winner, under the guidance of one of the best coaches on the planet, Josep Guardiola.

From its offices, FC Barcelona has already prepared a statement on what happened with the talks between Joan Laporta and Jorge Messi, Lionel's father, who has also been his agent for some years and has looked after the interests of the famous world star.

What did Barcelona say about Messi?

In an official statement, FC Barcelona spoke about Lionel Messi's decision to sign for Inter Miami. It respects the fact but also comments: "President Laporta understood and respected the decision made by Messi to want to compete in a championship with fewer demands and further away from the spotlight and the pressure he has been under in recent years".

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