Shocking, Suarez's decision on his future in Brazil upsets Messi

The Uruguayan striker has taken the situation boldly in the coming hours.

By Liam Styles

The Uruguayan striker has taken the situation boldly in the coming hours.
The Uruguayan striker has taken the situation boldly in the coming hours.
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The arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami is one of the most important news in recent times for world football. The window of opportunity that the United States is providing could be advantageous for any world-class footballer who wants to take the pressure off and gain significant financial benefits and powerful commercial contracts with well-known brands.

David Beckham has played his cards right and is starting to put together a powerful team to accompany the Argentine crack on his adventure in North America. There is talk that Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, who have been his teammates in a historic FC Barcelona, could be reunited with the reigning world champion in Qatar 2022. Other names have been mooted to follow in the footsteps of a club with superstars, but the MLS transfer window has yet to open.

Like Messi there are other players who have started to move to other frontiers to try to be important yet. Cristiano Ronaldo is the symbol of the Saudi Arabian league and invited many of his European teammates to join this new revolution full of money and luxury. Karim Benzema will join him at the moment, but the Arab sheikhs think big and if a player is available they will make the biggest offer to take him away.

But South American lands are also attractive for these players who want to return to their homeland and be closer to their family. Suárez made the decision to leave Europe in order to come to Brazil with Gremio. And the adaptation was immediate because in 26 games he has 14 goals and eight assists, so it was thought that Beckham would convince him to come with Messi and form again that duo that everyone fell in love with in the blaugrana team.

What will happen with Suárez and Messi?

The Porto Alegre newspaper Zero Hora has reported that Luis Suarez has contacted the board of directors of the Porto Alegre club to announce that he wants to retire. He has been suffering from a knee injury and his body can't take it anymore. So he would be announcing this situation in the next few hours, but he is still thinking about it in an important way. This will scupper any intention of Inter Miami to sign him for the summer market of Major League Soccer.

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