Shocking, the reason why Inter Miami players don't want Messi to arrive.

By Liam Styles

Shocking, the reason why Inter Miami players don't want Messi to arrive.

It would seem that having the best player in the world would make anyone happy, but not the men of this club.

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There are no more tickets to see Lionel Messi at his next MLS appearance. He has signed with Inter Miami in the United States and will try to make a revolution for the North American territory in terms of football, trying to steal attention from other more traditional sports for their society.

But Latin Americans in that territory are already feeling the Messi fever in full force. They are desperate for his arrival and want the first game to come so that they can crowd what will be his new home: Lockhart Stadium in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida.

Messi rejected two important proposals for his future. The first was from an Arab group that wanted to sign him for Al-Hilal and would give him a bestial amount of money to do so. Some reports indicate that he could have been paid up to a billion dollars just to be in his homeland and cheer up his people.

And the second was from FC Barcelona. The club where he was born missed him and wanted them to have a 'last dance' to win the UEFA Champions League. They respected his decision to prefer to have less pressure on his game. But from his new team, the news has not gone down well with the players.

Why don't his team-mates want Messi?

Nick Marsman, goalkeeper for Inter Miami, spoke to ESPN and expressed his surprise at the arrival of Lionel Messi. But he also clarified that they have nothing ready to receive him: “Personally I don't think the club is ready for Messi's arrival. We have a temporary stadium, people can get on the pitch, we go to the stadium without security, I hope he comes but we are not prepared”.

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