Spectacular, the cost of Beckham's new car to show off to Messi

The Inter Miami owner shows off his new toy on social media.

By Liam Styles

The Inter Miami owner shows off his new toy on social media.
The Inter Miami owner shows off his new toy on social media.
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David Beckham can feel lucky about what is happening with his team, Inter Miami. He has landed the best player in the world and wants to have one of the best teams he has ever played for on North American soil, thinking of the teammates he can add alongside the South American.

Beckham found his niche when he arrived at Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007. The midfielder had left Real Madrid and was thought to be totally finished with his career. However, he still had incredible seasons and loan spells with the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan.

But he understood that his future could be in the United States. A clause in his contract gave him the opportunity to get an MLS expansion team for $25 million. In 2020 he got it by buying Inter Miami and his fortune expanded tenfold by the valuation of a franchise in the North American league.

Now, big luxury brands have been calling him for interesting collaborations. One of them will earn him his own design on a line of cars. The man who was born in Manchester United is already rubbing shoulders with the world's great owners, and no doubt the future holds more surprises for him.

How much will the car Beckham designed cost?

David Beckham announced on his social networks that he has launched the Fuoriserie Essentials sub-brand of the Maserati carmaker, inspired by diamonds and with an important vision. Its value is around 65 thousand dollars in the hybrid version, although its V6 version could be worth more than $100,000 dollars.

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