Speechless, what Inter Miami's new stadium will cost with the arrival of Messi.

By Liam Styles

Speechless, what Inter Miami's new stadium will cost with the arrival of Messi.

Although they spent millions to sign him, their stadium is still precarious for the best player in the world.

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Repercussions continue to swirl around the issue of Lionel Messi's signing with Inter Miami in the MLS. The player has signed for a fortune and his commercial deals will earn him more money than it seems. Especially when it comes to the sports and technology brands that are looking for him to be their image.

The David Beckham-owned club is already starting to make a profit with the announcement of the Argentinian star on American soil. Season tickets have quadrupled in price and are selling in stratospheric quantities on resale sites.

Admittedly, the club's infrastructure is not the best in the United States. They barely have a 19,000-seat stadium. Called Drive Pink, it is still inadequate to host professional football matches, so a new project with better facilities is already in the works.

This after a referendum was held with local residents, who agreed to make a much more functional space, not only for football, but for other sports. It will also be able to accommodate fans from other countries who want to watch the world champions in Qatar 2022.

How much will the new stadium where Messi will play cost?

With a budget amounting to one billion dollars, the Miami Freedom Park will have several facilities such as green spaces, football pitches, a technology centre, restaurants, shops and 58 hectares of public parks. A whole complex for the sport that Messi and Beckham want to promote.

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