The unusual revelation of the fan who hugged Messi in China

By Liam Styles

The unusual revelation of the fan who hugged Messi in China

The reasons he gave for jumping over fences are truly incredible to meet the best in the world.

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Lionel Messi causes a buzz everywhere he goes. His presence is magnetic for fans, who want to be close to one of the best footballers in history for all his achievements. The most recent was winning the World Cup in Qatar 2022 in a thrilling match against France.

That makes the arrival of the Argentine star at Inter Miami all the more interesting. It will open a new commercial window for talented players who want to finish their career and the commercial deals will continue to make him a fortune, even if he were to retire at some point on American soil.

David Beckham has planned well in advance for what the consequences of this media phenomenon might be. But there is also the question of whether the figure of Messi can convince new fans to follow football and overtake other traditional sports in the United States such as basketball or baseball.

But in the East, everyone knows who is the South American player with the most golden balls in history. And that's why one of these fans defied the authorities and jumped on the court to meet his idol in person. And the reason why he did it is quite peculiar and not just for the mere fact of wanting the limelight.

Why did the fan jump to meet Messi?

In an interview with local media, the fan, who did not allow his name to be released, confessed that he only jumped onto the pitch to highlight the poor security that had been put in place at the stadium for the Argentina-Australia match. He has apologised for his behaviour and hopes he can get to know Lionel Messi better and get his autograph next time.

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