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Big team?, Aguero's masterplan to bring big stars alongside Messi

By Liam Styles

Big team?, Aguero's masterplan to bring big stars alongside Messi

The former Manchester City player could be the man behind the curtain to make Inter Miami very powerful.

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Fans cannot wait to see what happens when Lionel Messi is unveiled in the coming days as the new player for MLS team Inter Miami. The great Argentinean talent refuses to stay in Europe and wants to open the door for great footballers to come to the North American soil.

Messi, who will be reunited with Sergio Aguero in Miami, is already arranging to bring his family to the United States, where he will have one of the biggest financial deals in history. He has even been offered his own clothing line and a deal with one of the most famous technology companies.

So for this to work for the world champion, David Beckham is going to need to give him the best players on the market. While you can't compete against the big clubs in Europe, there are some good elements who will finish their contracts this summer and he can use them to bring them to Florida.

But the plan may go further, and it would have something to do with the former Manchester City attacker. His charisma and his new career as a streamer could be used by Inter Miami's owners to convince players that Messi likes, although there is another ace up his sleeve that could be spectacular.

What is Agüero's plan?

While speaking to the Atatürk Stadium, the venue for the UEFA Champions League final, Sergio Agüero met Josep Guardiola. The Spanish coach joked that he is taking everyone to Miami and the former Argentina striker jokingly admitted as much. But it would not be unreasonable for that to happen in the near future in MLS.

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